Introduction has been created and dedicated to members of the public, to enlighten them as to the unsavoury techniques employed by North East Lincolnshire Council officials on a daily basis. Council corruption exists in many forms and like their masters in central government, this country is been led shambolically where scandal and deceit is becoming the "norm".

A citizen maybe embroiled in deception at committee level, particularly during a planning application or where the Council wishes to pursue enforcement matters over lawful development. However, more often than not, most corruption at North East Lincolnshire Council begins at officer level. Oddly, this law breaking is protected in England. Despite the recommendations of Lord Nolan, there is no statutory requirement for the Police to take action and therefore officers of the Council are immune from prosecution.

Before any planning application reaches committee level, such applications are first left to the devices of the planning officer. It is here the planning officer can begin his or her vendetta against the applicant by meticulously perverting the application. As part of North East Lincolnshire Council's Constitution, the Development Control department are granted power, subject to exceptions, to grant approval of or refuse planning permissions through a system named the "Scheme of Delegated Powers". This scheme is the inner sanctuary of the planning officer, where he or she can seriously corrupt planning applications and then approve or refuse them at their discretion, immaterial of the schemes exceptions. In the event that an application surpasses this scheme, then a planning officer can still misdirect by passing up their misrepresented reports to the planning committee for deliberation and push those members of the committee in the planning officers direction. Moreover, some members of the planning committee will no doubt have prejudicial interests, in whatever form, to side with the planning officer - a combined double setback.

Unfortunately, 99.9% of corrupted decisions are left uncontested and applicants just simply accept the injustice. This is simply due to the ordinary person not having the funds to pursue such matters in civil actions brought against corrupt Councils such as North East Lincolnshire Council.

The present and alarming unaccountability of this local authority, amongst many others in this country, is leaving the taxpayer staggered and bewildered, especially where central government refuses to act on behalf of the electorate, who they are allegedly supposed to represent. The only way to control local authority corruption is to introduce new legislation by statute to criminalize such acts. This will empower the Police to react to allegations and treat such crimes as high priority.

Planning crime is rampant and uncontrolled within this local authority. As one would expect, in the old adage, 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating', therefore, where possible, we have included evidence in the form of correspondence and documentation to allow the reader to confirm our opinions, beliefs and concerns. We understand that many of our readers will recognize the methods employed by this mendacious Council and welcome any comments by our readers, or share their experiences with us.

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